My research interests are in the application of quantitative and molecular genetic technologies in animal and plant breeding programs. During my PhD in Genetics at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), I studied methods for the estimation and prediction of population and individual genotype probabilities in complex pedigrees. Alongside my studies I was actively involved in the national genetic evaluation systems of pigs, cattle, and small ruminants in Slovenia. After my PhD I joined the faculty, where I introduced genomic selection into the curriculum and national cattle breeding program. I have researched several genomic selection topics for both animals and plants and partitioning international genetic trends in cattle by origin of selection decisions. At the Roslin Institute, I am working on the design of next-generation animal and plant breeding programs and methods with the aim to deliver higher rates of genetic gain. The work involves a combination of statistical modeling of phenotypic and genotypic information, imputation of genotype and sequence data, and optimization of various breeding problems. The optimization problems include genotyping, sequencing, imputing, and phenotyping strategies with genomic selection and optimum contribution selection with mate allocation.

Employment History

2013: Research Fellow in Computational Genetics and Genomics

The Roslin Institute, UK.

2011: Assistant Professor in Animal Science

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia.

2010: Teaching Assistant  in Animal Science

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia.


2005-2010: PhD in Genetics

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia.
Thesis: Estimation of population and individual allele probabilities in complex pedigrees.

1999–2003: BSc of Animal Sciences

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia.
Thesis: Prediction of breeding values for carcass traits in pigs
Faculty recognition for outstanding success in studies and award for the thesis.

Gregor Gorjanc

Selected Publications

Promotion of Alleles by Genome Editing in Livestock Breeding Programmes.

Hickey, J. M., C. Bruce, A. Whitelaw and G. Gorjanc.
Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 133(2):83-4.

Initiating Maize Pre-Breeding Programs Using Genomic Selection to Harness Polygenic Variation from Landrace Populations.

Gorjanc, G., J. Jenko, S. J. Hearne and J. M. Hickey.
BMC Genomics 17(1):30.

Reliability of Pedigree-Based and Genomic Evaluations in Selected Populations.

Gorjanc, G., P. Bijma and J. M. Hickey.
Genetics Selection Evolution 47:65.